gpresult command : access denied

Today, one my server was showing that message, when i run gpresult at command prompt. Its strange, coz last week when i hit that command, its just normal. Showing me the status from user setting until computer setting in Active Directory Policy. So what happen here ?

Let me give the condition :

– Last week everything goes normal for that command.

– Operating system updates not update from last updated. In the last week.

– In the WSUS server, my server status is ‘need update’ but having errors. I dont know the error is.

So, from that point, i searching and find this web site is very usefull. Here we go :

Rajunair’s post was save me. But still i dont get it all in one time. I need more time to understand what happen under the hood. Ow…windows underhood is totally different with linux.  But for all is, thanks, many great thanks for all folks at that site.


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