Lesson learned (1 June 2011)

Problem :

Report Sales Performance, for every user that got user group with record level security applied, was different in total quantity and total value.

Root cause :

Record level security had made border between each user group. With level security applied on smmSalesUnit table, it make report can not make query on the table which hold data with not updateable sales unit structure. It is mean, that for every salesman that has structure saved in smmSalesUnit, must be  on updated structure  when the Sales Order until Invoice created. If smmSalesUnit not update with the newest structure sales unit, then it will be produce wrong structure according to Sales Order (SalesTable) until Invoice (CustInvoiceJour).

Solutions :

Update smmSalesUnit table with the newest structure before transaction Sales Order (SalesTable) until Invoice (CustInvoiceJour) happen.

Create some validation process that checks smmSalesUnit, before create Sales Order.


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