Error message when posting Fix Asset Journal : Offset account for transaction type Acquisition, value model SL – T, does not exist for fixed asset FABP-000171.

Background :

When posting Fix Asset Journal, it showing error message : Offset account for transaction type Acquisition, value model SL – T, does not exist for fixed asset FABP-000171.

Solution :

Check ledger account on Fix Asset Posting Profiles. The offset account for value model SL – T, is empty. It should be filled in with correct account.

Check in code :

1. Go AOT > Tables > AssetLedgerAccounts. Right click on methods, go to assetLedgerOffsetAccount. In the lines :

    if (!assetLedgerOffsetAccount && _throwError)
        // The ledger account wasn't found for either the specified or default posting profiles and the
        // caller has requested that an error be thrown.
        throw error(strfmt("@SYS71145",_assetTransType,_assetBookId,_assetId));

will produce error message, when posting journal.

2. Check lines below :

    if (_assetPostingProfile)
        // Try to find the ledger account for the specified posting profile.
        assetLedgerOffsetAccount = AssetLedgerAccounts::findAssetLedgerOffsetAccount(_assetId,

go to another method, name : findAssetLedgerOffsetAccount. Check the lines :

    // Firstly, try to find the associated Ledger Account by Value Model, Asset Transaction Type and Asset Id.
    select firstonly LedgerOffsetAccount from assetLedgerAccounts
        where assetLedgerAccounts.PostingProfile    == assetPostingProfile  &&
              assetLedgerAccounts.BookId            == _assetBookId         && // "Value model" on the form
              assetLedgerAccounts.AccountCode       == TableGroupAll::Table && // "Grouping" on the form
              assetLedgerAccounts.TransType         == _assetTransType      &&
              assetLedgerAccounts.AccountRelation   == _assetId;               // "Account number" on the form

in my case, that query does not create any result.

So, the conclusion is checking the posting profiles for that value models. Add offset account there. And re-posting the journal. It solved.


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