Error : ……reflection API could not create and return ….. (SSRS report Ax 2012)

Today, i found errors in so many report SSRS and showing me similar error message, below is one sample the error :

Error in SSRS

Error in SSRS

Unfortunately, this server i use for UAT in client 😦 bad bad bad…day…

What i did was compare SSRS report in client server with SSRS report in our internal server development. Look what i found, for example CustAgingReport and VendAgingReport. The component for both report is :

Vendor Aging
Menu Item Output : VendAgingBalance
Report SSRS : VendAgingReport
Class controller : VendAgingReportController

Customer Aging
Menu Item Output : CustAgingBalance
Report SSRS : CustAgingReport
Class controller : CustAgingReportController

The result compare is :

Compare result

Compare result


My head getting hot now trying to solve this problem….


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